Application of Scientific Approach with Multimedia to Improve Social Science Learning Outcomes of The Theme of Wonderful Diversity in My Country for The Fourth Grade Students of SD Negeri 4 Pejagoan in Academic Year of 2019/2020

Sri Rejeki Nur Azizah, Wahyudi Wahyudi, Ngatman Ngatman


The objectives of the research are: (1) describing the steps to the application of scientific approach with multimedia, (2) improving social science learning outcomes, (3) describing the problems and solutions. The research is Classroom Action Research. The research data are qualitative and quantitative data. The sources of data are students, teachers, and documents. Data collection techniques use test and non-test techniques. Data validity techniques use source triangulation and technique triangulation. Data analysis techniques are: data reduction, data presentation, and verification. This research is conducted in three cycles consisting of six meetings. The results show that: 1) the steps to the application of scientific approach with multimedia to improve social science learning outcomes are: a) observing multimedia, b) asking questions based on multimedia, c) gathering information from multimedia, d) reasoning / processing information based on presented multimedia, and e) communicating the results of processing information; 2) scientific approach with multimedia can improve social learning outcomes. It is proven by the average percentage of teacher observations which is 89.13%. The average evaluation value is 88.02%; 3) the problems are: (a) the teacher does not motivate and give rewards to the students who ask actively and give feedbacks to the questions, (b) the teacher does not guide the students in drawing conclusion in the worksheet. The solutions for the problems are: (a) the teacher gives motivation and rewards to the students, (b) the teacher guides and the students draw conclusion.


Scientific approach, multimedia, social science

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