Journal History

Journals are a means to help the process of publication of scientific papers for the civitas academics, researchers and practitioners. The publication of a journal is expected to pay attention the existence and sustainability of the publication of the journal at the national level as well international. The existence of a journal depends on several factors, including: accreditation at the national (and international) level and also the composition of the editorial board (partners bestari) with the appropriate scientific capacity for the journal. Meanwhile, The sustainability of a journal is also strongly influenced by several main factors, viz the availability of sustainable scientific papers, the availability of financial support from institutions, availability of credible managers, improvement in the quality of written work and availability Supporting facilities include conferences, seminars and workshops. By experiencing some factors that support the existence and sustainability of a journal above, the Department Development Economics FEB UNS restructured the Journal of Economics The development (JIEP) of FEB UNS which had existed before, became a journal consistent in supporting the publication of scientific papers in the field of economics with credible and democratic management in accepting the development of good discourse mainstream and non-mainstream. JIEP FEB UNS will publish scientific papers which are theoretical (discussion of theories and scientific discourse) and applicative (applied) in two languages (Indonesian and English).