Potential Utilization of Non-Herbal Garden Plants in Sawahan Village

Rahmi Idhayanti, Rayhan Arrazaq, Romzi Maulana Irwansyah


The yard of the house in Indonesia is widely used as a medium in various activities, one of which is as a land for planting. The plants selected are various types of functions and uses, one of which is non-herbal plants. These non-herbal plants include ornamental and fruiting plants. Likewise, in Sawahan village, Ngemplak, Boyolali in this study almost all houses have yards planted with non-herbal plants. This is very useful because in addition to being able to make the house yard shady, the plants planted can also be used as fruit and can also be used as vegetables. Optimization of this land greatly affects the level of vegetation in Sawahan village area because it is included in the countryside that is still beautiful. This study aims to determine the type and potential of non-herbal plants in Sawahan village. The data analysis method used is descriptive qualitative because to provide an overview of the phenomena that occur as a whole. Data collection was carried out by interviews and field observations to obtain primary data and literature studies to supplement and strengthen as secondary data. The results showed that there are about 62 species of non-herbal plants in Sawahan village. The conclusion obtained there are 4 types of habitus, namely 4 species of epiphytic plants, 9 species of trees, 25 species of shrubs, and 4 species of spices with the potential use of non-herbal plants as ornamental plants about 51%, as a food source 48%, and utilized wood as much as 1%. 


Fruit, non-herbal, plant, utilization, yard

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