Amphibians (Order Anura Exploration at Ake Jawi Resort, Aketajawe Lolobata National Park

Sugeng Haryanto, Rosita Rosita, Susadri Safrudin


Amphibians have an important role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Halmahera Island is the largest island in the North Maluku region. Unfortunately, there has not been much research on amphibians. The purpose of this study was to determine the diversity, evenness and to compare the length and density of amphibians found in Ake Jawi Resort, Aketajawe Lolobata National Park. This research was conducted from August to September 2021. Observations were made using the visual encounter surveys (VES) method. Identification is done using field guide books of amphibian in West Jawa, Waigeo Insland, and Halmahera Island. Data analysis was carried out descriptively and statistically to calculate the Shannon-Wiener species diversity index, evenness index and morphometric measurements, body length measurements (SVL - muzzle length) and body weight. Based on the results of the study, there were 91 individuals from five species from four families. The species diversity index of the order Anura at the study site was in the medium category (H'=1.26), while the species evenness index was in the high category (E=0.78). The results of the comparison of the average length and weight of the order Anura showed that the species Limnonectes grunniens had the longest size and heaviest weight.


Aketajawe Lolobata National Park, Ake Jawi resort, amphibian, Anura, Limnonectes grunniens

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