Monitoring Print Engine Output Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Meiyanto Eko Sulistyo, Stephanus Hanurjaya, Muhammad Danang Prastowo


In the printing industry process, monitoring is necessary for quality control of the product. The making of the tool on this project serves to monitor the output of the production machine. This monitoring is done by detecting the product output from the production machine using Sensor E18 D80NK. When the sensor detects the output, the sensor sends a signal to the Arduino UNO R3 which will calculate the amount of output from the product. Arduino will send information of the number of outputs via a USB connection to a central computer that is a Raspberry Pi 3 model B. The Python program on Raspberry Pi will read input from each Arduino address and display the data in realtime. At the same time, the data will be stored as a text file. This text file contains the number of product output and the time of the output. The prototype of this tool has been successfully created and there is still much development to do.

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