New Algorithms to Predict the Finish Production Time of Orders (FPTO) in a Furniture Production System

Sarngadi Palgunadi


Best practice in a furniture production system, due to the fact costumers want to know more exactly when their orders will be delivered, the furniture production managements have to have  a system to predict when the orders can be fulfiled. This paper will describe the algorithms to calculate the finish production time of orders (FPTO) in a furniture production system as well as their time complexities. The production line is set to be single processor- multi-steps (SPMS). Some asumptions made are infinite time services, machine availability, one production step at a time, uniform production step, priority order and priority item asumptions in production line. If the number of production steps is m and the number of orders is n, it can be shown that there exists a linear polinomial, in O(m), to calculate FPTO for single-order, and a polinomial algorithm, in O(mn), to calculate  FPTO for multi-orders.


furniture production system, algorithm, FPTO, SPMS, polinomial algorithm

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