Implementation of Business Intelligence for Quality Support of RSUD Ir. Soekarno Sukoharjo with Data Warehouse

Adnan Widya Iswara, Haryono Setiadi, Ardhi Wijayanto


The hospital is a public health facility for the community. Health facilities have special standards to support public health. The Indonesian Ministry of Health has a Minimum Service Standards to measure the feasibility of a hospital. RSUD Ir. Soekarno Sukoharjo, measurements and data presentation of medical records used in the presentation of Minimum Service Standards are still using manual methods, so that in reporting it is difficult to obtain quality services quickly, accurately and accurately from the requirements needed by an information system that can provide fast, accurate and actual information. The system is commonly referred to as Business Intelligence. To build a system that is used to use a data warehouse, to build this system using a data warehouse, using the nine step method (nine step methodology). The application of this method shows the value of results in one year in the handling of rescue obtained a value of 92.46% of 100%, approved emergency services received 64.08% of 100%, patients ≤ 24 hours fulfilled in October amounted to 0.001, patient guarantee> 48 hours were met in April by 2.71% dan May by 2.69%. While other services meet the minimum standards specified. Black Box test results show how functional applications can run well and provide results that are in line with expectations. From the implementation of Business Intelligence by using a data warehouse using the nine-step methodology the methodology can be applied to support the presentation of information on Minimum Service Standards. From this research can be obtained from applications made at the RSUD Ir. Soekarno Sukoharjo, there are several indicators that have not yet reached the Minimum Service Standard value.


Business Intelligence, data warehouse, nine step methodology


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