Application for Identifying Classical Surakarta Batik Patterns (APECOBA) Based on Android with the LBP Method

Rivaldo Marcelino, Sahirul Alim Tri Bawono


Batik is one of the regional cultures in Indonesia that should be preserved and introduced. The application of mobile technology systems in the present has helped and facilitated all aspects of human life. The ease and convenience of mobile technology, can later be applied as a way to introduce Indonesian regional culture that is rich in various cultures. This application system is created to help and facilitate the identification of batik patterns. The process of identifying batik patterns is done by extracting features of batik patterns using the Local Binary Pattern (LBP) method. Before the process of taking batik image characteristics, the resize process and the grayscaling process are carried out. Patterns or characteristics of batik images that have been obtained from the extraction process will be used for the identification process by classifying with the K-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) method. The results of testing the implementation of the Local Binary Pattern method on the Identification Application for Surakarta-based Batik Batik Patterns show the accuracy of identification of batik patterns is quite good with the highest accuracy of 95% in bright conditions in an upright position (0◦).


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