Development of Access Mechanism of E-learning Linux Container-Based

Septya Andi Suryanto, Syaifuddin Syaifuddin, Diah Rizqiwati


The rapid development and utilization of technology penetrated to the world of education. E-learning learning method is used for the improvement of the quality of the students. Utilization of E-learning would require an adequate infrastructure to run optimally. To apply E-learning on each course, especially at the University level of server resources are needed quite a lot. Then used virtualization technology to save and optimize resources. Various virtualization technologies can be utilized in such cases, one of which is Docker. The purpose of this research is to apply E-learning on Docker virtualization and develop Docker access mechanism which initially to access it must use IP to DNS to facilitate access and administration process. The results showed that E-learning is very possible in the application of Docker virtualization technology and access mechanism can be developed into DNS.


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