Implementation Markerless Augmented Reality Using Android Sensors For Identification of Buildings in Sebelas Maret University.

Rizal Kusumajati Nugroho, Afrizal Doewes, Abdul Aziz


Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta is one venue for the big event. These events are not only aimed at students but also the general public, thus pointing the way to the location to be something important. One method that can be used to search the location is Augmented Reality, a technology that combines two-dimensional virtual object into a real environment and projecting a three-dimensional virtual objects in real-time. In this intensive search will be made an android-based application which utilizes augmented reality technology for the identification of buildings in UNS. This application utilizes the sensors integrated in the device such as an accelerometer, compass and GPS. Building location data stored in the internal storage media. Black box testing results show that all functions are running properly. Usability measurements (questionnaire) was conducted on 50 respondents whose results showed that applications made to get the positive attitude of the respondents. The test results show that the accuracy of this application has a good degree of accuracy verified through tests on three samples of the building. The identification of the building using augmented reality technology successfully implemented on android devices.


accelerometer; augmented reality; markerless; compass; GPS


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