Effect of Post-Annealing Treatment on the Morphological and Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Film Fabricated by Spraying Deposition Method

Teguh Darsono, Muqoyyanah Muqoyyanah, Sulhadi Sulhadi, Siti Wahyuni, Putut Marwoto, Sugianto Sugianto


This work investigated the effect of post-annealing treatment on the fabrication of zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film by spraying deposition method. Based on SEM analysis, the annealed ZnO thin film at 400˚C presented better uniformity as compared to the non-annealed film. Further measurement by UV-Vis revealed that the lowest optical band gap energy (Eg) (3.22 eV) was achieved by 400˚C sample. These results confirmed that post-annealing treatment enhanced the optical and morphological properties of the fabricated ZnO thin film.


ZnO; thin film; spraying; band gap energy

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