Pengaruh Substitusi Ion Mn dan Ion Co Serta Ion Ti pada Pembentukan Fasa dan Sifat Magnetik Barium Hexaferrite BaFe9(MnCo)1,5Ti1,5O19 Disintesis Melalui Rute Metallurgi Serbuk

Priyono P, Eddy Siradj, Azwar Manaf


Barium ferrite with hexagonal molecular BaFe12O19 is well-known for its high performance permanent magnetic and good mechanical properties and attracted attention of researchers for a long time. The hexaferrite powders were produced according to a conventional ceramic process with powder metallurgy method. Moreover, the powders were analyzed by X-ray diffraction, to detect the presence of secondary phases. The magnetic properties of the samples
were measured at room temperature using Permeagraph with a maximum applied field of 1.5 T. The calculation of the lattice parameter on conventional magnets (BaFe12O19) results a = b = 5,894 Å and c = 23,210 Å, while the substituted phase has a range value of a = b between 5,893 Å to 5,899 Å, and c lattice parameter value is in the range of 23,328 ˚A to 23,346 Å.
With the partial substitution of Fe+3 ions by Mn+2 ions, ion Co+2 and Ti+4 ion magnetic properties decrease primarily on the magnetic coercivity from 125 kA / m (conventional) to ~ 5 kA /m in the substituted materials.

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