Solution of The Schrödinger Equation for Trigonometric Scarf Plus Poschl-Teller Non-Central Potential Using Supersymmetry Quantum Mechanics

Cari C, Suparmi S, Antomi Saregar


In this paper, we show that the exact energy eigenvalues and eigen functions of the Schrödinger equation for charged particles moving in certain class of noncentral potentials can be easily calculated analytically in a simple and elegant manner by using Supersymmetric method (SUSYQM). We discuss the trigonometric Scarf plus Poschl-Teller systems. Then, by operating the lowering operator we get the ground state wave function, and the excited state wave functions are obtained by operating raising operator repeatedly. The energy eigenvalue is expressed in the closed form obtained using the shape invariant properties. The results are in exact agreement with other methods.

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