4 Development Instruments Dimension Cognitive Anderson- Krathwol In Biology Learning Class Xi Of South Jakarta Senior High School

Dessy Alfindasari, Paidi Paidi, Siti Yulaikah


The purpose of this study was to develop an assessment instrument based on the biology of learning
outcomes dimension of processes cognitive and dimension of knowledge Anderson-Krathwohl. The
development of test instruments required because the purpose of learning is students can develop
cognitive dimension. So, develop the test instrument will improve biology learning. The assessment
instrument are eligib le: 1) fit to the Rasch models and 2) the difficulty level of the item.Respondents in
this study were all students of class XI-MIA in the academic year 2015/2016 in six senior high
schoolof South Jakarta. Developed test instrument, relating to the material digestive system, respiratory
system and excretory system. Research steps include: (1) the initial development of the test, (2) the trial
tests, (3) measurement. Based on the results of the application of the instrument, it is known that the
reliability of test multiple choice test items is 0,94 and essay is 0,62. Then, the level of difficulty about
multiple-choice test is between -1,16 to 0,56 and essay is between 0,00 to 0,25. Thus, we can
conclude that the instruments developed eligible to measure the dimensions of cognitive processes and
dimensions of biological knowledge learners. The implications of this study was produced instruments
biological tests to determine cognitive dimension of learners' achievement.
Keywords: Instrument development, the dimensions of processes cognitive and dimensions of
knowledge, high school biology

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