Critical Reflections of English Lecturers of STBA LIA

Soraya Soraya


Reflective practice is an important part of teacher/lecturers professionalism. However, not many
teachers/lecturers has the sensitivity to make it part of their routine teaching activity as a unity, starting
from before coming to the class, while teaching in the class, and after teaching as a retrospective
activity. In STBA LIA, the lecturers face a classic problem, i.e. the students’ interaction. They are not
confident to talk in English. Thus, this research tries to find out their reflective practice and to get in
depth understanding of the dimensions reflected. The study applies qualitative method with the
instruments of interview, FGD, and classroom observation from 10 lecturers who become the subject of
research. The data are analyzed using the theory of Killion and Todnem for the reflective practice and
theory of Zeichner and Liston to analyze the dimensions. The conclusion of the research is that the
lecturers of STBA LIA have conducted the reflective practice as their professionalism. However, they
need to make it systematic and cover all of the dimensions so that the reflection can bear the most
effective solution to increase the students’ interaction.

Keywords: Critical Reflection, Dimensions of Reflection, Reflections in Higher Education, Reflection of
Students’ Interaction

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