Developing Android-Based Mobile Learning as a Media in Teaching English

Musahrain Musahrain


This research aims to find out the teaching learning process of English in SMA N 3 Wera, the procedure of developing Android-based Mobile learning media, and the effectiveness of this media. The type of this research is Research and Development. The research uses ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation). The subjects are 26 students in Class X A (experimental group) and 27 students in class X C (control group). The technique of collecting data is using questionnaire and test. The data analysis is descriptive analysis and t-test. This research indicates that (1) the validation of material experts is in a very good category with the average of 4,5; (2) the validation of media experts is in good category with the average of 3,7; (3) the preliminary field test is in excellent category with the mean of 4,9 and; (4) the main field test is in the excellent category with the mean of 4,9 too;(5) the calculation result of the t-test in operational field try-out is that Ho is confirmed, which means that the scores of the pretest are different from those of posttest. It can be concluded that there is a difference between experimental and control group.
Keywords: Mobile learning, Android, Media, Teaching English

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