Education For All: From Papua To Java With Hope

Nica Betari Nirwana


Education takes a crucial element in Indonesia. It can be seen in several government programs. One of them is Affirmations Secondary Education Program (ADEM). ADEM is an education program for Papua students to get better education in Java. However, there are obstacles faced by Papua students. This paper explores learning obstacles faced by them in SMA N 1 Kayen, their ways to solve the obstacles and their hopes after graduating from SMA N 1 Kayen. It uses a case study methodology to conduct the research. An interview to three Papua students is a single instrument to collect the data. The results are they get difficulties in communication since all students and teachers in SMA N 1 Kayen speak Javanese in daily communication. Furthermore, they feel difficult to adapt with learning activity in SMA N 1 Kayen due to the gap of input. They hope they could go to college after graduating.

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Undang-undang Pendidikan Nasional No. 2/1989

UUD 1945 Amandemen


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