Theoretical Concepts and Thoughts of Speaking and Their Implications for Classroom Speaking Skills Teaching

Martono Martono


Itmighthavebeenspreadly believedthatspeaking hasitsownpatternsandstructuresthatare differentfrom thoseofwriting.Inclassroom teaching practice,however,itseemsthatmany teachers stillexpecttheirstudents tospeakasifthey wereproducing writtentexts.Such expectationsmightplacehighpressureonthelearners‟speechproduction andresultintheir reluctanceoranxietytospeak.Thepurposeofmypresentation istoelaboratethedifferences betweenspeakingandwritingandadvocateateachingapproachwhichtakesthesedifferencesinto account.Italso attemptstolinkrelevanttheoreticalconceptsandthoughtsdealing withsomebasic featuresofspeaking topracticeandconsiderstheirimplications forspeakingskillsteaching.If teacherstake them intoconsideration,theywillmorelikely beabletocreate speakinglessonsthat willtrulyhelplearnersacquirespeakingskillsthatare neededforaneffectiveoralcommunication.

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