Developing WBI based Reading Teaching Model in English Education Department of State University of Siliwangi

Yusup Supriyono


This research aims at revealing how WBI based reading learning model can improve students’ reading comprehension. Research and development becomes the chosen method that this research is carried out, then WBI based reading learning model is produced. Moreover, in order to see the effectivene of the developed model action research using Riel Model was employed in the reading classroom. The study was conducted in two cycles, each has four meetings. The findings show that the process of web based instruction in the reading classroom was through orientation, discussion, material exploration, action, test, and reflection. There was improvement of students’ reading comprehension in terms of finding a topic, recognizing the pattern of organization of the text, unstated or unstated and implied details as the result of use of WBI based reading learning model in teaching reading comprehension. Quantitatively, the improvement can be shown by the mean scores of the pre-test (55.4), post-test in cycle 1 (56.9) and final test in cycle 2 (80.67). Besides, there was a positive attitude of students when using the model, in terms of having learning awareness, sharing knowledge, exploring material, doing self-practice, and having open minded to use WBI in reading activity.

Keywords: WBI, Reading Comprehension, developing model, and Action Research

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