The Implementation of Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Assessment Instrument for Economics Learning to Improve the Students’ Cognitive Competencies

Dini Octoria, Sudiyanto Sudiyanto, Sri Witurachmi, Dewi Kusuma Wardani


The objective of this research is to improve the students’ cognitive competencies through the implementation of Bloom’s taxonomy in the assessment instrument for Economics learning. It used the classroom action research with one cycle. The cycle consisted of four phases, namely: planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The subjects of research were 26 students in Grade XII-A of Social Science Program of State Senior Secondary School 1 of Surakarta. The object of research was the assessment instrument for Economics learning which had implemented the Bloom’s taxonomy. The data of research were quantitative and qualitative ones, which had been obtained from the students, teacher, and documents. They were collected through test, observation, and documentation. The test was to investigate the students’ cognitive competencies; the observation was to observe the implementation of the Bloom’s taxonomy in the assessment instrument for Economics learning; and the documentation was to record the relevant pieces of information during the research. The feasibility and validity of the research instrument were tested by using the content validity and the Cronbach’s Alpha formula respectively. The quantitative data were analyzed by using the statistical and descriptive analysis, and the qualitative ones were analyzed by using the systematic and structured model of analysis.   The students’ cognitive competencies were said to be increased if the final score achieved was at least 85 in the Economics learning, and at least 85% of the students already gained the aforementioned increase in their cognitive competencies. The result of research shows that prior to the treatment, 67% of the students still had the final score of less than 85. Following the treatment in one cycle, 88% of the students then gained the score of at least 85. Thus, the implementation of Bloom’s taxonomy in the assessment instrument for the Economics learning could improve the students’ cognitive competencies.


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