Teaching Indonesian As Foreign Language: Development Of Instructional Materials based Javanese Culture With Scientific-Thematic Approach

Kundharu Saddhono


Research which has correlation to the development of teaching materials with a basis of javanese culture in studying BIPA needs to be encouraged. This research is further expected to enhance competitiveness of Indonesian language and culture in international cultural venues. This research is underwent in BIPA programme which was held by 12 universities and intitutions in Indonesia. The type of data that being observed in this research is qualitative data. The data source of this reserch is document and informant. The sampling technique applied in this research is purposive sampling. Purposive sampling is considered   more effective to collect data completely in responding to various realities. Data collection technique is underwent by observing documents or notes using content analysis technique. This particular technique is being used to determine the typical teaching materials in BIPA program.  Another technique applied in this research is interview technique involving college students and lecturers, foreign students, in order to data regarding factors which influence studying and teaching materials in BIPA. Moreover, interview is also conducted with lecturers to request the developed teaching materials in BIPA studies.  The most common step to increase validity   in qualitative research is triangulation technique. This research used triangulation theory, triangulation method, and observing informant. The result of this reseacrh pointed out that by using teaching materils with basis of central javanese culture enables the students to develop the process and the result of BIPA student’s learnings. College students can be more enthusiastic and active in responding teaching materials with basis of central javanese culture.

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