Pengaruh Peran Direct Role Model & Vicarious Role Model Terhadap Sikap Materialisme dan Pengetahuan Market Place Konsumen Remaja

Pram Suryanadi, Ahmad Mujahid


This research aims to analyze the influence of vicarious role model on consumer decision to buy influenced by role models figures (role model's influence), either direct role model or vicarious role model influencing materialism and marketplace knowledge of teenager. This research is a causal research which uses survey method. The sample of this research is the customer who buy. The sample is taken from respondent were young in the city of Solo and aged 16-20 years by using purposive sampling technique. The result of this study confirms that the direct role model's influence and vicarious role model influence positively on adolescent marketplace knowledge. This shows that the direct role model's influence and vicarious role model's influence positively influence on the formation of the various learning properties developed by teenagers in consumer socialization process. The result of hypotheses hopefully can give an understanding for marketing practisioner including the policies to socialized the consumer from phenomenon of vicarious role model. It also can broaden the perspective of the marketer or company to maintain positive relation with the consumer on direct or vicarious role model in order to improve consumer knowledge and socialization on marketplace.

Keywords: Direct Role Model, Vicarious Role Model, Marketplace Knowledge, Consumer Socialization Process.

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