Pengaruh Sikap dan Kondisi Lingkungan Yang Dirasakan Pada Niat Wirausaha Siswa Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan

Yogiek Prasetyo, Yeni Fajariyanti


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of attitudes and perceived environmental conditions on entrepreneurial intentions. Based on Ajzen’s the theory of planned behavior about Autio model of intentions, it aims to develop a model that combines the entrepreneurial intentions of both the human and environmental factors. In particular, the proposed model aims to focus on the three constructs to predict entrepreneurial intention, namely the general attitude (toward money, change, and competitiveness), attitudes towards entrepreneurship, and perceptions of the school environment. The study was conducted in June 2014, with 150 students SMK in Surakarta. This test uses multiple linear regression model with attitude and perception of environmental conditions. The results showed that attitudes toward change, money, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, environmental support, environmental barriers and school environment has a significant relationship to entrepreneurial intentions. However, the relationship between environmental barriers to entrepreneurial intentions have negative results. This indicates that the reduction in environmental barriers lead to increased entrepreneurial intentions in other words, the lower the environmental barriers then the higher the students' entrepreneurial intentions. 

Keywords: attitude, environmental conditions, entrepreneurial intentions

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