Analisis Pengaruh Service Quality Pada Customer Loyalty Dengan Customer Satisfaction Sebagai Variabel Pemediasi

Putri Mahardika, Wiyono Wiyono


This research arms to know the influence of service quality on loyalty which is mediated by customer satisfaction. Three variables used in this research. Are quality service as independent variable, satisfaction as mediator variable and customer loyalty as dependent variable this research wants to test whether quality service and satisfaction have important role to from loyalty on Customer cabang Karanganyar. Expectedly the information gotten from the research can be used for increasing quality service which is given to customer. Samples are taken as many as 200 customers with purposive sampling technique a technique carried out with taking samples from population based on certain criteria. Technique to collect data are carried out through survey by giving questions to respon don’t directly which is combined with questionnaire. Data Quality is examined by doing validity test and realibility test to ensure that the data collected has appropriate criteria from data which is obtained. Data which is obtained is examined with CFA and it is helped using SPSS For windows version 16. SEM Statistic test tool shows examination result that (1) Service Quality has positive correlation and signifikan to customer satisfaction (2) customer satisfaction has positive correlation and signifikan to customer loyalty and (3) service quality has positive correlation and signifikan to customer who is mediated by customer satisfaction. In this study, limitation and implication are discussed to give theoretical concept, aspect of practical research and next reseach.

Keywords: service quality, customer satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

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