Analisis Pengaruh Citra Merek Produk Asli, Persepsian Nilai, Kualitas Produk, dan Kewajaran Harga Pada Niat Beli Produk Bajakan

Hery Purnomo


The purpose of this study was to explain the effect of the original product brand image, perceived value, product quality, and price fairness on intention to buy pirated product are mediated by attitude and moderated by religiosity.50 samples are taken from the Sebelas Maret University students who intend to buy pirated indoor soccer shoes. Convenience sampling is a method used to obtain the sample. SEM analysis is used to explain the relationship between the observed variables. The results showed that there is a significant effect perceived value on the attitude, the product quality on the attitude, the price fairness on intention to buy, and attitudes on intention to buy. The results of this study also showed that attitudes mediate the effect perceived value on intention to buy, and product quality on intention to buy. In this study, religiosity weaken the effect of perceived value on the attitude, the effect of product quality on attitudes, and strengthen the effect of price fairness on purchase intention. 

Keywords: pirated products, intention to buy, religiosity, student.

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