Absorption of Tar Content in Producer Gas using Used Cooking Oil in a Packed-bed Column

Firman Asto Putro, Joko Waluyo, Bahaul Fahmi Al Haq, Wahyu Nur Hidayat, Sunu Herwi Pranolo


ABSTRACT. The tar content in producer gas may cause crusting on the engine if it is utilized as a fuel gas, thus it needs to be removed. This study aims to determine the liquid phase mass transfer coefficient in process of removing tar from producer gas in a packed-bed contactor column. This process is carried out continuously using used-cooking oil as absorbent. This was carried out by contacting the producer gas as a product of cacao pod-husk gasification at temperature range of 491-940oC at a certain counter-current flow rate with used-cooking oil in a column with a Raschig ring packing bed. The study used packed-bed materials with specific surface areas of 29.3927 m2/m3, 49.7532 m2/m3, 95.4113 m2/m3, 96.8182 m2/m3, 101.6840 m2/m3, and 105.0128 m2/m3, and with the linear velocity of used-cooking oil ranging from 0.0229 m/s to 0.0827 m/s. A mass transfer coefficient mathematical model has been constructed based on the research results. The model applies to the ranges (As.dt), (DL/dt.vL), and (µL / ρL.vL.dt) from 2.2397 to 8.0020, 2.26.10-10 to 1.72.10-9, and 0.0331 to 0.3102, respectively, with an average error of 9.33%. The average tar removed was 87%.

Keywords: producer gas, mass transfer coefficient, packed-bed column, tar, usedcooking oil

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