Application of Biogas Production Technology from Various Feedstocks on Small-Medium-Micro Enterprises: A Case Study

Ari Diana Susanti, Cornelius Satria Yudha, Leader Firstandika, Paryanto Paryanto, Wusana Agung Wibowo


Biogas production process is an alternative method to reduce dependency on non-renewable fossil-based energy consumption and also can reduce greenhouse gases production both domestically and industrially. The existing biogas technology is suitable to be adapted in small-micro-medium enterprises and domestics, specifically for those who raise cattle. The case study was performed by observation of biogas production with various wastes as feed, namely cow dung, quail manure, and wastewater of tofu production. The study conducted via direct interviews with stake holders and visitations to the instalations. Based on our observation, biogas production from cow dung exhibits the shortest retention time compared to the others, aside from the value of C/N ratio of the biogas feedstocks. The presence of biogas production installations are significantly reducing the energy supplies among the users. Beside as biogas product, the instalations also produce solid and liquid fertilizers as by-products and have relatively high economic value. Socio – engineering problems based on the application of biodigester are also studied.

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