PERKEMBANGAN TATA KELOLA OBYEK DAN DAYA TARIK WISATA BUDAYA KERATON SURAKARTA (Studi Fenomenologi terhadap Pengelola dan Wisatawan Keraton Surakarta)

Monica Pramudyasari, R.B. Soemanto


This research aims to know the superiority of objects and cultural tourism attraction Keraton Surakarta in terms of the object and tourist attractions tourism journey as well as the development of governance objects and cultural tourism attraction Keraton Surakarta. This research uses theory of interactionism symbolic of George Herbert Mead. The type of this research is phenomenological research presented in the form of a descriptive qualitative research. Samples taken by using purposive sampling technique. To ensure the validity of data triangulation source was used, while the analysis of the data interactive model was used. The results of the study show that the benefits of the object and tourism attraction of keraton are the architecture of the building, collections of heritage objects in the museum, the story of the history and philosophy of the sultan palace, as well as a tourism attractions such as sekaten, kirab pusaka, and gerebeg ceremony. One of tourist motivation to come and to see some tourist attractions is the cultural motivation because they want to know about the sultan palace and physiological motivation to fill the holiday time. The management of objects and cultural tourism attraction less than optimal which can be seen in at least the number of human resources in the tourism of Keraton Surakart. Facilities for tourists that are less sufficient. Treatment of tourism objects which is not optimal. And sources of operational cost are not sufficient. The promotion of Keraton tour destinations and tourist attractions are through the electronic media, printed media and online media. Although a bad assessment was given by tourists, Keraton Surakarta still gives knowledge of Javanese culture. The development of the governance to the object and tourism attraction experience  declined due to less amount of the visit and the condition of Keraton Surakarta that is not well maintained.

Key Words : Development, Governance, Attraction of Cultural Tourism

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