Syarif Bahaudin Mudore


This article examined how Indonesian diplomacy has taken place in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Friction and armed clashes between Palestinian fighters and the Israeli military still occur and can even befall Palestinian civilians. Throught the history of Indonesia's closeness with Palestine, Indonesia is one of the countries actively calling for Palestinian independence with a two-state solution. The scientific relationship between Palestinian scholars and Indonesian students studying in Egypt made Palestine one of the countries that recognized Indonesia's independence with Egypt. Relations between the two countries continue today. This article is described using conflict resolution theory. Furthermore, the authors find the findings of Indonesia's diplomacy in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Indonesia plays an active role through its role as a nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council. Even Indonesia opposed US President Donald Trump's policy on Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and moves its embassy to Jerusalem. It is proven that Indonesia plays the role of co-sponsor, facilitator, mediator, participator, initiator, actor, motivator and justifier in helping resolve the IsraeliPalestinian conflict.


Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Indonesia and Diplomation

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