Legal Policy on the Protection of the Right to Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic in France

Dewi Nurul Savitri


France has regulated the health system in great detail in some laws and regulations, but these regulations are insufficient to face the pandemic of Covid-19. This study aims to describe and analyze legal policies to protect health rights during the COVID-19 pandemic in France. It employs a normative legal research method with data sources such as the Declaration of human and citizen’s rights of 1789, the French Constitution of 1958, and laws and decisions of the French Constitutional Council. Since the Covid-19 pandemic erupted, French legislators have implemented adequate measures to prevent its spread.. The study results indicate that since the Covid-19 pandemic spread, French legislators have implemented adequate measures to prevent the spread of the virus through the appointment of the French Constitutional Council as the protector and guarantor of the fundamental rights of citizens through a system of judicial review. The control of proportionality in the system of judicial review is essential to strike a balance between the public interest of society and the rights of individuals to implement the adaptations necessary to protect public health, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Covid-19; Health; Protection; Constitutional Review; Constitutional Council;

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