Ewuh Pakewuh Cultural Reconstruction to Equal Consumer Protection

Dwi Edi Wibowo


This research is motivated by the behavior of "ewuh-pakewuh", which has entrenched in the environment of consumers has an impact on the unhealthy treatment of business actors. This study aims to analyze and explain Pakewuh ewuh cultural factors as a cause of weak consumer protection empowerment. This research is normative (doctrinal) law. The approach is legislation and data analysis of this research is a qualitative analysis that is by describing or describing the theory that is available with material obtained from interviews, data, and literature studies. The results of the research show that first, Pakewuh ewuh cultural factors in buying and selling result in weak legal standing of consumers and low social standing of consumers and the law is unable to provide protection. Another factor is culture, people's way of thinking and consumer behavior. Javanese culture in many cases turned out to be unable to become a stronghold for legal protection in the face of crime or deviant perpetrators committed by businesses. Secondly, Indonesia is still difficult to escape from the confines of eastern culture in the context of Javanese politeness "ewuh-pakewuh", and it has been proven empirically that the "ewuh-pakewuh" bureaucratic culture makes the system of relations between businesses and consumers unbalanced.


  Keywords: Reconstruction; Ewuh Pakewuh Culture; Consumer protection.

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