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Communication strategy in anticipate and overcoming the failures of applying a technology by farmer and fisherman is the find assignment of the subject "medium and communication method". The failures of apply ing the technology by peasants are caused among others : I) There is'a wrong approach from the resource system in the development communication, 2) The technology that is developed often does not fit the need of users, .3) The miss conception in pacaging in.formation (message) and choosing medium, 4) The agricultural technology communication approach has not cunshlered the location aspect to increase the effectiveness e~ciency and the speed of the process. In anticipating and overcoming the .failures of applying the technolugy it is suggested lo do things as .follows. l) Referring to the personal characteristic that influences on the failures of applying the technology, the development communication strategy that is necessary to be carried out is to identity the target of users categorizing the target of used as well as classifying them, so the technology that ·will be introduced firts the location and the users, 2) Increase the cooperation and feedback relationship among researchers, fisherman and other are involved, 3)Various communication media can be used, nevertheless the program package must consider the principle of information packaging that can persuade the users, 4) The supporting institution is needed that can be responsible in marketing, service, on supplying production input, capital and giving information.


communication; strategy; technology

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