Annisa Fajriyani Fadilla


Abstract: This study aims to find out how the cassava commodity value chain is in Grobogan Regency and how much product added value is produced by each actor in the cassava product chain in Grobogan Regency. The basic research method is a quantitative method. Purposive location determination. The research was conducted in Grobogan Regency. Determination of the sample farmers using purposive method as many as 30 farmers and the determination of respondents traders and processors using the snowball sampling method with farmers as a starting point. The data used are primary data and secondary data. The data analysis method used is value chain analysis based on ACIAR (2012) and Hayami's added value analysis. The results of the value chain analysis show that there are seven value chain actors in Grobogan Regency, namely farmers, village collectors, sub-district collectors, wholesalers, retailers, chip processors, and gethuk processors with seven marketing channels. The added value of cassava for farmers is IDR 9,259.4/kg, for village collectors it is IDR 290.4/kg, for collectors at the sub-district level it is IDR 395.4/kg, for wholesalers it is IDR 1,103.2/kg, for retailers IDR 1,972.3/kg, chip processors IDR 21,633.6/kg, and gethuk processors IDR 11,979/kg. The highest added value is in the chips processor, which is IDR 21,700/kg.
Keywords: Value Chain, Cassava, Added Value, Hayami Method

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