Tsalitsa Fadhila Rabbaniyah


Abstract: This study aims to determine the pattern of organic rice marketing channels at APPOLI, to analyze the costs, benefits and marketing margins of organic rice at APPOLI and to study the short organic rice marketing channel as the most economically efficient marketing channel at APPOLI. The basic methods used in this research are descriptive and analytical methods. Research location in Boyolali Organic Rice Farmers Alliance. Respondents were selected from organic rice farmers who are members of APPOLI and have been certified. The method of determining respondents is random sampling. The number of respondents was 37 respondents. The sample of traders used the snowball sampling method. Data analysis used is analysis of marketing channels, analysis of costs, profits, and marketing margins, as well as analysis of marketing efficiency of organic rice. The results showed that the marketing channels used by APPOLI member organic rice farmers included, marketing channel I which consisted of farmers, large traders 1, large traders 2, retailers and consumers, marketing channel II consisting of farmers, wholesalers, and retailers. , and consumers, and marketing channel III which consists of farmers, retailers and consumers. Marketing channel I has a marketing margin of IDR 28,166.00 / kg for white rice, IDR 28,990.00 / kg for brown rice, and IDR 47,341.00 / kg for black rice. In the second marketing channel, it was IDR 12,476.00 / kg for white rice and IDR 13,500.00 / kg for brown rice. In marketing channel III, the amount is IDR 5,700.00 / kg for white rice, IDR 14,000.00 / kg for red rice and IDR 5,000.00 / kg for black rice. Farmer's share of marketing channel I is 19% on white rice, 18% on brown rice, and 14% on black rice. In the second marketing channel, it was 34% for white rice and 29% for brown rice. Marketing channel III is 62% for white rice, 44% for brown rice, and 80% for black rice. Marketing channel III is an efficient marketing channel.

Keywords: Efficiency analysis, marketing, organic rice, marketing channels

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