Siti Barokah


ABSTRACT : This research aims to find out the marketing conditions of crystal sugar in Kebumen Regency based on the efficiency and marketing environment that affects it. The basic method of research is descriptive and analytical methods. The method of retrieval is purposive in Kebumen Regency, the sampling of manufacturers using accidental sampling, while the sampling of marketers using snowball sampling. Data analysis methods are: (1) Cost and margin analysis analysis with calculation of marketing costs, marketing profits, marketing margins, and farmer share (2) Qualitative descriptive analysis of the marketing environment. The results showed there are 4 channels of crystal sugar marketing in Kebumen Regency. The total marketing cost of each channel is IDR 674.84/kg; IDR 449.65/kg; IDR 2,218.06/kg; and IDR 3,565.28/kg. The total marketing profit of each channel is IDR 1,825.16/kg; IDR 1,550.35/kg; IDR 3,281.94/kg; and IDR 4,934.72/kg. The marketing margin of each channel is IDR 2,500/kg (12.82%); IDR 2000/kg (10.26%); IDR 5,500/kg (25%); and IDR 8,500/kg (34%). While the percentage of farmer share of each channel is 87.18%; 89.74%; 75%; and 66%. Marketing channel II is the most efficient channel. The aspects of marketing environment that include demographics, economy, technology, law and politics, and socio-cultural support the crystal sugar industry in Kebumen Regency. If all aspects are balanced with the right strategy then it can support the marketing activities of crystal sugar in Kebumen Regency.
Keywords: Crystal sugar, marketing channel, margin and farmer share, marketing efficiency, marketing environment.

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