Muhammad Bayangraga Indraswara


Abstract. The purpose of this research are to know the critical success factor of bakpia pathok, competitive positions, and alternative competitive strategies for Bakpia Pathok "25" agro-industriesin the business competition of bakpia pathok in Yogyakarta City. This research uses descriptive analytical method with organoleptic techniques. The determination of the object of the research is carried out by purposive. Determination of the respondent's uses purposive sampling method by involving key informant and panelists as respondent. Analysis tool used is the CPM (Competitive Profile Matrix). From research it can be known that the critical success factors of bakpia pathok is product price, product diversity, product durability, product taste, product texture, product color, product aroma, the brand, packaging design, packaging quality, packaging color, and completeness of the label. Competitive position of Bakpia Pathok “25” agro-industries is in the first position with a score of 3.186 compared with the main competitors. An alternative competitive strategy can be formulated is (1) emphasise the product excellence in the promotion of the use of pamphlets and social media (2) conduct innovation on product attributes that are less superior by way of benchmarking against the attributes of a product that is superior (3) create a new product variant of bakpia pathok with more optimal durability and improves the quality of product packaging by adding the irsad paper in the packaging so that the impression of oil not visible from the outside of the package.

Keywords : Bakpia Pathok, Agroindustry, Alternative Competitive Strategy

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