Niken Diah Ayu Saputri


Abstract: The aim of this research were to analyze the revenue, cost and income of black rice paddy farming, knowing black rice marketing channels and the marketing agencies function.  To analyze cost, profit and marketing margin of black rice and also to analyze the efficiency level of the marketing of their black rice marketing channels in Karanganyar regency. The basic method of this research was descriptive analytic method. Location of this research was determined by purposive sampling in Karanganyar regency. The producer sample was taking by census method amount 24 farmers, while trader sample by snow ball sampling. Data used in the study were primary and secondary data. Data collected by observation, interview and record keeping. The result showed that black rice paddy farming in Karanganyar regency obtain the average revenue of IDR 6,235,212.46; the average cost of IDR 4,066,222.78 and the average income of IDR 2,168,989.68. There were four types of black rice marketing channels in Karanganyar Regency. Channel I is Farmer à Consumers, Channel II is Farmer à out of town Consumers, Channel III is Farmer à Collector Merchants à Consumers and Channel IV is Farmer à Collector Merchants à Wholesailers Merchants à Consumers. From each channel, the highest total marketing cost was channel  IV and the lowest cost was channel III. Viewed from the economical efficiency of the four channels in Karanganyar Regency, Channel III is the most efficient marketing channel for black rice because it have the lowest marketing margin IDR 2,266.88/kg and the highest Farmer’s Share 84,19%.

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