Danastri Sasadhara


Abstract: This research aim to identify the most concetrate commodity of fishery subsector in Magelang City and formulate alternative development strategies of commodity. The basic method in this research is analytic descriptive. The data used in this study are primary and secondary data. This research located in Magelang City. The data analysis method use location quotient analysis (LQ), delta LQ analysis, classification of commodity fishery subsector (into four category, namely stars, mature, emerging, and transforming) and SWOT analysis. The result of study showed that the most concentrate commodity of fishery subsector in Magelang City is Nile Tilapia fish. SWOT Analysis produced the strategies as the choice to develop the fisheries commodities in Magelang City as follows: (a) Do and develop the production using water recirculation to do the production effectively and efficiently; (b) Hold the Gemar Makan Ikan Socialization and another programs more maximum to interest the consumers; (c) Build a fish market with complete and adequate facilities to interest consumers in Magelang City; (d) Optimalization space for cultivating Nile Tilapia Fish; (e) Promote the fisheries output of Magelang City in a promotion media; (f)  Provide additional capital evenly to help the fish farmer or cultivators to develop their businness; and (g) utilizing the fish to be processed as fish products.

Keywords: Fishery subsector, Magelang City, LQ, Strategy, SWOT

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