Penerapan Supervisi Kunjungan Kelas untuk Meningkatkan Kinerja Guru di Sekolah Dasar

Endah Budiastuti


Abstract. the purpose of this research is increasing the teacher’s performance in teaching through class visitation in academic supervision in Weton Elementary School, Sub district of Rembang, Regency of Rembang with School Action Research. The techniques of collecting data are using the documentation study, observation and interview. Test of data validation are using resources triangulation and techniques triangulation. The data analyse is using qualitative analyzing. The academic supervision in Weton Elementary School begins with the planning. In planning, the researcher makes the program, prepares the supervision instrument;
in the form of sheet of scoring in planning the learning or sheet of the lesson planning and sheet of scoring in implementation the learning or instrument of scoring the teacher’s performance. In implementation, the researcher observes the learning. The results of scoring the teacher’s performances are only on Grade IV, V and VI. In planning the learning, in the pre-cycle the average is 61%, after the action in the First Cycle the average is 72,23% and after the action in the Second Cycle the average is 81%. About implementation the learning is using scoring the teacher’s performance. The result is increasing, in the pre-cycle the average is 73, after the action in the First Cycle the average is 79 and after the action in the Second Cycle the average is 83.

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