Kompetensi Guru Dalam Penyusunan Soal Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Berbasis Critical Thinking Sesuai Kurikulum 2013 Guna Mengakselerasi Education 4.0

idam atmojo


Abstract. Teacher competency is one of the teacher quality standards. Achieving optimal learning outcomes and forming active, creative, innovative students who are able to think at a high level and solve problems requires creative and innovative teachers who always have the desire to improve and improve the quality of teaching and learning in class that is measured by questions oriented to HOTS . Subjects in this service consist of elementary school teachers in the administrative area of the city of Surakarta. The method used in this training is Workshop, Practice, and Implementation. Data collection techniques using test techniques. The analysis
technique used is pre test and post test. the implementation of workshops on the preparation of HOTs-based Questions can improve the ability of teachers to prepare HOTs-based Questions that will be used in the implementation of learning.

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