Penerapan Model Problem Based Learning untuk Meningkatkan Nilai Karakter Disiplin Peserta Didik di Sekolah Dasar

Eni Kusniati, Hasan Mahfud, Chumdari


The purposes of this research is to (1) improve student discipline character values through the application of the Problem Based Learning model, (2) describe the application of the Problem Based Learning model. This form of research is a classroom action research with two cycles. The subjects of the research were the students as many 17 in third  grade and their classroom teacher. The data collection techniques used observation, interview, and documentation. The data analysis technique used an interactive analysis model. The data validity technique used  construct validity, source triangulation, and technique triangulation. Data on pre-action there are 2 students or 11,76% who have discipline of entrenched categories, after the implementation of the first cycle there are 7  students or 41.18%. In the second cycle increased to 15 students or 88.24%. The conclusion of this research is application of the Problem Based Learning model with steps oriented to the problem; organizing for learning; assist investigation; present work; and analysis and evaluation can increase the value of the disciplinary character of third grade of public elemantary school Mangkubumrn Kulon No. 83 Surakarta in Academic Year 2018/2019.

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