Registration Form Becomes a Reviewer or Editor

Peer reviews and editors are generally accepted as an important part of scientific publications and are an important factor in ensuring academic quality. Become a volunteer peer-reviewer and editor for the Transling Journal. We are looking for reviewers with expertise and interest in various fields of education. You will play an important role in ensuring that Journal content is of high quality and relevant to our readers.

Currently, we invite some linguistic experts to join our journal as reviewers or editors. The Transling Journal editorial team kindly invited Lecturers, Professionals, Researchers and the general public to become International Peer Reviewers or International Editorial Advisory Board to join in the Transling Journal with the following provisions:

1. Minimum education of Doctorate or equivalent

2. Having expertise according to The Transling Journal focus and scope

3. Have a Scopus ID or Google Shoolar or Orcid ID

If interested, please fill in the following form in here.