M. Syaifuddin Sholih


This study aimed to uncover the meaning behind the propaganda nuanced in Rambo: First Blood Part II. Qualitative methods are used to present descriptive data using a Critical Discourse Analysis model of van Dijk with a pragmatic approach and Visual (schematic). The results showed that the movie Rambo II: First Blood Part II had some patterns and propaganda purposes, namely; 1) The Diversion of Discourse, it means to divert the discourse that the defeat of the US is due to soldiers returning from war (although in fact a decision of Reagan), as well as the discourse that actually the Americans have retreated from the battle and never retreat from battle, 2) Establishment of Discourse, shaping the discourse that  America is a quiet country and vice versa Vietnam is a gripping country (despite the fact that the maker of that chaos was America), 3) The Diversion of Discourse, diverting the fact that America lost because of the guerrilla war applied by Vietnam by forming a powerful figure (Rambo who highly skilled in guerrilla warfare). 

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