Erman Har


This study aims to describe the increase in interest and student learning outcomes in science teaching in primary schools. Classroom action research was conducted in two cycles, each cycle consisted of two meetings with the various forms of energy and material use. Research subjects elementary school students grade IV No 20 Gunung Pangilun Padang Utara. The instrument of this study is the observation sheet student's interests, learning activities observation sheets, and achievement test students' interest in learning the instrument. The results showed that students' interest in learning science in one cycle is 64.4 percent, and in the second cycle of 82.2 percent. Student learning outcomes in a single cycle on average 63.5 and 83.5 in the two cycle becomes. Besides that, it also revealed that an increasing mastery learning students from one cycle is 45.8 percent and in the second cycle of 91.6 percent. Analysis of teachers in implementing learning activities in a cycle that is 79.1 per cent and 91.6 per cent of the second cycle. The use of models in the media can increase interest in science learning, learning outcomes and teacher activities . Therefore, the model can be used medium primary school teachers as one of the media in learning science . Besides, teachers also need to make a good plan in accordance with the science curriculum in elementary schools .


Keywords : Interest and learning outcomes, media models, learning science

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