Actinomycet: Potential Microorganisms for Developing PGPR and Biological Control in Indonesia

Umi Fatmawati


Actinomycet are microorganisms isolated from soil an dplant tissue and it has many types, aerobic feature. It’s mycelial structure have a important role in the ecological cycle of soil nutrients. These prokaryotes are capable of producing the active compounds in the form ofa ntibiotics, Plant Growth Promoting Factor, antioxidants, herbicides, pesticides, anti-parasitic, and cellulose and xylenesenzyme. Some genus of Streptomyces and Micromonospora can form colonieson the surface of plant roots and is very helpful in obtaining mineral resources (nitrogen, phosphorus, and other essential minerals) or modulate hormone levels and plant. It’s also indirectly process by reducing the effects of inhibitors of some pathogens by forming agentbio control of plant diseases. The use of chemicals substance for agriculture is detriment because it causes environmental contamination and also adverse effects on non-target organisms. The potential use ofn atural products is used based on bio control agent as a soil supplement.

Keywords: Actinomycet, PGPR, bio control

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