The Student’s Scientific Attitude and Creativity of Product in Environmental Issues Through Project Based Learning

Yustina Yustina, Suwondo Suwondo


The purpose of this research was to got the information about student’s scientific attitude and creativity of product and correlation both of it in enviromental issues through project based learning. This research was conducted from January to June 2015. Sample in this research were 34 students of 2014 grade in FKIP Biologi UR used parameters were (1) scientific attitude with 4 indicators (curiosity, cooperative, carefulness and discipline); (2) creativity of product. Observation instrument managed by reseacher and the realibility values based Alfa Cronbach is 0.70-0.87. The creativity was scored through product (report) by using portofolio instrument, with descriptors were: Initiative (collecting information), inovation (environmental issues that are happening), variation of idea (way of display data), and suitable idea and their solution. The data analyzed was using SPSS. Descriptive statistic were percent, mean, standard deviation and inference statistic (Multiple regretion). Mean values shows that student’s scientific attitude was 79,99 (good), and the creativity of product was 80,10 (good). Positive correlation among curiosity, cooperation, carefulness and discipline give contribution as 68% to determine the creativity of product. Separately, each aspect of student’s scientific attitude give contribution for creativity of product were: curiosity (60%), carefulness (57%), discipline (48%) and cooperative (47%). The conclusion is student’s scientific attitude and creativity of product is in good category. It means that there are correlation between student’s scientific attitude and the creativity of product in environmental issues through project based learning in FKIP Biologi UR.

Key Words: Student’s Scientific Attitude, Creativity, Environmental Course, Project Based Learning.

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