The Effect of Guided Inquiry Studying Models Toward Skills of Inquiryand Skills of Metacognition for Students of XI Science Grade SMAN 6 Kediri

Febriana Irawati, Herry Cahya Kurniawan, Poppy Rahmatika Primandiri, Agus Muji Santoso


The aims of this research was amied the effect of Guided Inquiry studying models toward skills of inquiry and metacognitive students. The kind of this research uses quasi experimen with design of non-equivalent control group design for students of XI Science grade SMAN 6 Kediri on 7 to 29 May 2015. Instrument that uses for support this research is measurement of inquiry skill used by assessment rubric in inquiry skills of process and product, along with measurement of metakognition skills in type pretest and postest form that integrated of the result of kognitiive studying. Data was tabulated and then was analyzed with spss 16 for windows 2007 program.  The research shown that: (1) there is the different of process and product inquiry skills between control group and treatment (α=0,026<0,05 and α=0,01<0,05), (2) there is the different of metakognition skills on control group and treatment (α= 0,000<0,05). The conclusion of this research is guided inquiry studying models affected skills of inquiry and metacognition students of XI Science grade SMAN 6 Kediri.

Keywords:guided inquiry, inquiry skills, metacognition skills

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