Implementation of Inquiry Learning Combined with Reflective Learning Journal to Increase Analytical Thinking Ability In Grade XI MIA 3 SMA N 7 Surakarta In The Academic Year 2013/2014

Hadaina Zulfah, Slamet Santosa, Yudi Rinanto


This research was aimed to improve analytical thinking ability of students class XI MIA 3 SMA Negeri 7 Surakarta through the implementation of inquiry learning model combined with reflective learning journal. This research was a classroom action research that divided into three cycles. Each cycle includes four stage : planning, action, observation, and reflection.   The subject of this research is the students of XI MIA 3  SMA Negeri 7 Surakarta in the academic year 2014/2015.  The method of data collection  through  test, observation, interviews, and documentation. The data was analyzed with descriptive analytical techniques and validated by triangulation techniques. The procedure of the research used spiral model. The results show that students analytical thinking ability is increased in each aspect. The improvement in differentiating aspect increase from 30,29 % to 85,1%. Organizing aspect increase from 23,08 % to 78,85%. Attributing aspect increase from 32,45% to 63, 94%. Those three aspect were reached the target achievement, which increased 25% from the initial achievements. Based on the result of the research, we can conclude that the implementation of  inquiry learning model combined with reflective learning journal had effectively improve student’s analytical thinking ability, despite the increase that occurs varies in each cycle.

Keywords: Inquiry leaning Model, Reflective Learning Journal, Analytical Thinking Ability

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