The Effect of Concentration and Old Mixing Cider of Bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi L.) on Changes in Quality Waste Cooking Oil from Fried Trader

Adelia Kandari, Ainur Rofieq, Samsun Hadi


Fried traders tend to use waste cooking oil, a waste cooking oil is without never replaced and only add some new cooking oil in waste cooking oil. Waste cooking oil to frying can lead to the emergence of free radicals that very dangerous for health especially the emergence of various degenerative diseases. To deprive of free radicals, can be used cider of bilimbi that containing active compound terpenoid and vitamin A. Both the compound is an antioxidant soluble in oil, so can be used to absorb free radical contained in the waste cooking oil.The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of various concentration and old mixing cider of bilimbi on changes in quality waste cooking oil from fried trade. Indicators change in quality waste cooking oil seen from numbers acid, numbers lathering, numbers peroxide and levels of FFA.The type of research that used is true experimental reaserch. The design used is factorial design. Design of the research uses random complete design, with the first factor is concentration (25% v/v, 35% v/v, and 45% v/v) and the second factor is old mixing (60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes). Data were analyzed by  two way Anovaand duncan‘s 5%.The research results show that there is the effect of concentration and old mixing cider of bilimbi on quality improvement waste cooking oil. The value of waste cooking oil numbers acid 2,24 mg KOH/g, numbers lathering 92,57 mg/g, numbers peroxide 125 meg O2/Kg, and levels of FFA 1,02%. Best treatment in this research is 45% 120 minutes produce numbers acid 1,12 mg KOH/g, numbers lathering 182,33 mg/g, numbers peroxide 16,7 meg O2/Kg, and levels of FFA 0,51%.


Keyword : Waste Cooking Oil, Free Radical, Bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi L.)

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