Increasing Student’s Question as Indicator Higher Order Thinking Through Problem Based Learning at Conceptual Dimension in Biology Learning at SMAN 5 Surakarta

Eko Setyaningsih, Wahdania Nuris Sabila, Sajidan Sajidan, Sri Widoretno, Murni Ramli, Joko Ariyanto


The purpose of this research is to increase higher order of student’s question through problem based learning at conceptual dimension in biology learning. Population of this research was students at grade X IIS 4 of SMA Negeri 5 Surakarta. The research was four-cycles action research that conducted in academic year 2014/2015. Data were collected through observation, interview and video recording. Student’s question collected by counting the number of questions during the learning process and categorized based on revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. Higher order question include C4, C5 and C6 question. The result of this research shows: 1) C4 and C6 of conceptual question was identified in each cycles. C5 of conceptual question was identified in the first and  third cycles; 2) the number of C4 conceptual question is 0% at pra cyles, 2.52% at first cycles, 6.06% at second cycles, 3.53% at third cycles, 6.57% at fourth cycles. The number of C5 conceptual question is 0% at pra cycles and 0.5% at first and third cycles. The number of C6 conceptual question is 0% at first cycles, 17.68% at first cycles, 8.08% at second cycles, 19.19% at third cycles and 35.35% at fourth cycles; 3) The higherest number of HOT’s question that identified was C6 question. The conclusion of this research is PBL effectively increased the higher order of student’s questions at conceptual dimension.


Keywords: higher order of student’s question, problem based learning

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